21 Day Partner Challenge

We're kicking off an awesome and fun partner challenge to help with motivation and accountability. You and your partner earn points based on completing simple tasks like doing consistent workouts, making healthy food choices and getting outside for some fresh air.  The great news is that your partner can live down the street or hundreds of miles away, because this challenge is online!

Sign up one of two ways:


What's included in the challenge?

  • Awesome assessment so that we can tailor your workouts to your needs
  • "Pick Your Plate" Nutrition Template
  • Daily emails
  • Mobility and Recovery modules
  • Mini-challenges
  • Opportunities to connect with other participants online
  • Ongoing support from our awesome coaches

I haven't been exercising lately? Will I be able to do this?

  • Absolutely!  All workouts can be scaled from to meet you where you are right now. 

How will this fit in with my current exercise program?

  • You score points for doing your own workout, taking a class or trying the designated workout of the day.  Keep what is working for you. Try some new things along the way. 

Do me and my partner have to be at the same fitness level?

  • Not at all.  One of you may be walking for cardio while the other runs. It's all about holding each other accountable to GET IT DONE. 

Will we both need access to a gym? 

  • We'll learn what each of you have to work with during the assessment and tailor your workouts accordingly.  

Is there a nutrition component?

  • Yes.  You'll receive a nutrition template based on which plate you pick (Balanced, Keto, Low Carb, Paleo).  There will also be mini-challenges including drinking water and fasting. 

How are points scored?

  • There are 4-5 tasks each day. Each person scores a point for their team by completing a task. If both partners complete the task, the team gets a bonus point. The team with the most points on 10/31 wins!  

Still have questions?