Are you ready to strengthen your immunity?

Clean Eating for Strong Immunity is a four week course that will arm you with the knowledge, tools and support that you need to make lasting changes to your eating habits. 

Clean Eating for Strong Immunity 

This four week guided course will arm you with proven nutritional strategies that you can implement right away.  Content is delivered in bite-sized chunks designed to fit into your busy schedule, presented across different platforms to best connect with your learning style. 

  1. Clean Eating Basics - June 6-12
  2. The Clean Healthy Plate - June 13-19
  3. Overcoming Stress and Toxicity - June 20-26
  4. Power of a Healthy Gut - June 27-July 3

Every Week (all materials/media will be delivered both via email and made available in our private Facebook Group)

  • Sunday Kick-off: Your workbook will arrive early in the morning via email followed by a short Zoom meeting in the early afternoon.
  • Two Minute Monday: Email outlining the simple homework assignments for the week
  • Tuesday: Have some fun with a self paced learning activity or game
  • Wednesday: A short audio or video on the week's topic
  • Thursday: Share something you learned with the group
  • Friday: Wrap it up and put a bow on it 
  • Saturday: Sharing and support for the coming week. 

All of this for just $47!

I'll stay with you moving forward. The four week course transitions into a $9.99 monthly subscription where you will continue to receive support to stay on track and further refine your healthy eating habits. 

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Get Support

You won't have to go it alone. With access to our private Facebook group, you'll have a safe place to share your challenges, frustrations and victories while helping support others who are on the same journey.

Put the Calculator Away

You won't have to count calories or macros.  There are no weigh-ins.  This course goes beyond diets and dieting.  You'll be able to put your calculator away as you learn how to give your body and mind what they really need. 

Invest Time on Your Terms

Your time is precious, but so is your health. This course is designed with your busy schedule in mind. No hourlong Zoom calls. No lengthy reading assignments. Just consistent content delivered daily in small bites, most of which can be accessed when convenient for you.  

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